THE MONTESSORI SCHOOLS OF BOWLING GREEN providing care and education for children from 6 weeks to 12 years of age.

The Montessori School of Bowling Green opened its doors on August 12, 2008 in the beautiful, historic, Underwood-Jones Estate in downtown Bowling Green. The estate offers a beautiful large shaded playground complete with a fountain, fish pond, swings, a large sandbox, a vegetable garden and an area for bicycling. Classrooms are spacious, with 10 tall windows and Italian marble fireplaces.

The School was founded by Jenn Hewett, Lara Park and Benedicte Bossut. Jenn is an AMI certified Montessori Directress and is originally from Canada. Jenn decided to pursue a career in Montessori after working as an assistant at the K-W Montessori School in Waterloo, Ontario. She continued to work in Canada as a teacher and school supervisor for seven years before moving to Bowling Green where she and business partner Lara Park decided to open The Montessori School of Bowling Green. Lara serves as the administrator of the school and was inspired to become involved after studying the Montessori Method and discovering the results that were achieved through this unique method of teaching children.  In 2011, Benedicte Bossut moved to Cleveland, OH where she had enrolled for Montessori Elementary training, at the Hershey Montessori Institute.  In 2012, Benedicte opened the Elementary program, serving children through 6th grade.

The mission of the Montessori School of Bowling Green is to provide a quality, child-based education guided by the philosophy, values and principles of Dr. Maria Montessori. For this reason, we offer you quality trained Montessori teachers.  We adhere to the guidelines stipulated by the Association Montessori Internationale (A.M.I.) www.montessori-ami.org, an association founded by Dr. Maria Montessori herself.  Today, the A.M.I. still holds the purest respect for the Montessori philosophy and we are proud to be associated. Our goal is to meet the needs of every childs cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development in an environment that encourages ethnic and cultural diversity while fostering a love of learning. We promote a strong responsibility toward peaceful humanity by encouraging respect for world diversity and care of our planet, earth!

The self-esteem, self-confidence, and inner direction of children who receive a Montessori education serves students well into their futures.  It is our intent here, at MSBG, to build a strong, solid, personal and academic foundation within each child propelling them into a bright future full of personal satisfaction, feelings of self-fulfillment, success in social encounters, and confidence in areas of challenge.

Parent Involvement

We strive to create a strong community between students, staff and parents. To accomplish this, we ask that parents stay active in the school and in their childs education through observation, conferencing and volunteering.  Parents can remain involved with the school through social events, fundraising, and parent education. Throughout the academic year, we organize functions for parent and family participation including: family picnics, an annual lantern walk, a Derby Day celebration, and an annual Fall Festival.  In addition, we encourage parents to study the Montessori philosophy in an effort to learn how they, too,  can bring Montessori into the home.   We offer parent education evenings monthly to specifically discuss how we implement the Montessori philosophy at school and if interested, we offer tips and suggestions about how parents can apply the philosophy at home.  Our parent library includes books, videos, magazines and flyers about the Montessori philosophy.  This information is available for check -out.  Our school also has a password protected Shutterfly site which is available only to enrolled parents and family members.  We use this site as a forum and to share the many, many photographs that we take of the children monthly.  We have found that this site offers wonderful insight into each childs day;  the relationships that they form with other children and staff, the lessons that your child is working on as well as the routines and activities that your child follows each day while with us!

Parent Observations

Parents are encouraged to observe their childs classroom at least once during the school year. Observation is an important teaching tool in a Montessori classroom and is the most beneficial way for parents to understand their childs day. Scheduling a classroom observation prior to a conference with your childs teacher will provide insight, therefore leading to a more meaningful conference. Our Parent/Teacher Conferences are designed for discussion regarding the time that each child spends in the classroom. The Montessori School of Bowling Green schedules one conference session per school year to be held  in the months of  April and May. To schedule an observation of your childs classroom, please contact our administrators at 270.846.1122 (birth through age six), or 270.936.7666 (first through sixth grades).  Additional conferences can be scheduled with individual teachers at any time.

Parent Classroom Participation

  • Parents are always welcome to give a presentation to the class on their particular job, a hobby, places visited, or any other special interests or cultural traditions.
  • Teach an art or skill including songs, dance, etc.
  • Help with special events; costumes, baking, material making, holiday celebrations

Fundraising (fundraising at no cost):